AimPoint PRO The Rifle of Professional Shooters

Wouldn’t you like to have a rifle especially designed together with law enforcement professionals and with a price for their officers’ budget? Within 50 yards accuracy and 2 minute of angle red dot for accurate target engagement at all distances, AimPoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is the dream gun of any shooter gone in a dangerous mission.
Turn on the battery and forget about it

Maybe the most intriguing feature of AimPoint PRO is its 3 years battery life, meaning you can turn it on and leave it like that, so your rifle is always ready for action. And you can check the date periodically to know when the 3V Lithium battery must be replaced, but don’t worry too much about it, it’s about every 30,000 hours.

Optimal vision in the night
You can easily switch its power knob through six levels of dot brightness as the rifle provides several regular and night vision brightness options and high quality reflex sights with unlimited eye relief for hunters. The regular brightness settings cover a wide spectrum, allowing a bright dot during the day and a dim dot at night. It is also interesting to know that the adjustment cap retainer straps so you can’t lose your pieces.

The front lens and the front glass are multi coated including band pass coating for optimal night vision devices it may be used with AimPoint 3X Magnifier and AimPoint Concealed Engagement unit as most police work takes place after sunset.

Remington Obtains TAPCO: Now What is Next?

For more than 25 years, TAPCO, the manufacturer of many types of firearms, has been in business marketing high quality products across the United States. During these present times, it has been said that Remington has already acquired the manufacturing company. So the question is, “Will the company be able to retain its stability and market productivity?”

The acquisition of Remington in the company creates the market a greater boost, which had led the Firearms Company to a more developed foundation and research for its improvement. Products like AR-15 Accessories and others will be positioned for further development as time passes by. Remington also continues to commit that firearm parts in TAPCO will demonstrate a better productivity with the acquisition of the company. It will be also an upturn for the company, since AR-15 Stocks will be more innovative and its products will more depend on the shooting marketplace. The company is excited and is looking forward to a new discovery because AR-15 Accessories will ensure that the resources will be more utilized. Here are the following advocacies that are in the process:

  • Not only will the manufacturing company for firearms benefit, but the OEM partners as well.
  • Stocks will increase and development of further firearms will improve.
  • In addition, the company reputation will soar to higher grounds of market activity.

The acquisition of Remington is proven to be a buzz, but there are no hunches that the company will stop providing the U.S. some firearms like shotguns and rifles.

TAPCO on the Bridge to a New Level
Since AR-15 Stocks are improving, stuff like “Crapco” had been pretty gripped to change. However, it is said that Remington is creating and managing a plan to overhaul the product quality before a reputation will be swiped out.

TAPCO is not opposing the idea because they want their team to be better in the future. And with Remington on its lead, the company is still building accessories with its good quality firearms. The team also stated that a stop-gap has been opposed, but it will not mean that the team is against the acquisition. The team only wants an original stock on their back. AR-15 Accessories will still undergo manufacturing capability and is ready to take a new position as well. With Remington’s acquisition, TAPCO will surely face a new quality of its control. It will also revamp Intrafuse product lines.

As people from the U.S. can remember, the company creates many parts, which are very high on demand. So it is a hotter part if there will be shortages as well as groups that will not be carried out. The team of TAPCO will allow for an overhaul because its products are very precisely made. AR-15 Stocks also will be in the process of control. Nevertheless, AR-15 Accessories will still be a pinch to major suppliers. Alternatively, it will not change a thing as long as AR-15 Stocks will be a solid position on the market.

In such cases, that Remington will leave them behind, it will be all right for them because the team will still be looking forward to a new level. Therefore, it is safe to say that AR-15 Accessories will still push through to give the U.S. a better quality of firearms in the future.

Aimpoint Pro Review

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic or Aimpoint PRO is a scope especially made with police officers and tactical shooters in mind. It promises to have great technology that is great for the taking out to the field. Check out the specifications and quick user review to know if the Aimpoint Pro is worth all the buzz.

Technical Specs:

  • Hard-anodized matte black 30mm housing
  • Aluminium body
  • Recessed front class that is multi-coated
  • Special band-pass coating on the front lens
  • 1X magnification
  • Water resistant up to 150 feet
  • Works well in temperatures from -50 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 30,000 hour battery life

The Aimpoint Pro has the 1x magnification, similar to all Aimpoint Scopes optics. This allows the use of both eyes open and full peripheral vision, which is important for quicker acquisition of the target. The threaded front lens, transparent rear lens cap, unlimited eye relief and 2-minute-of-angle red dot are very useful features to police officers and expert marksmen.

The Aimpoint Pro is great for fast target acquisition because of its structure. It also has good adaptability. It can be mounted on the SIG 516 and can be used with most shotguns by simply removing the spacer under the mount. The Aimpoint Pro works with other magnifiers such as Lucid 2-5X and Samson 30mm, which is great for variety’s sake.

In terms of wear and tear, the Aimpoint Pro passed the “torture tests” that were ran in this review. Some parts of the test appeared silly but they had to be done to check if the Aimpoint Pro would survive.

First and as expected, it was used in various training drills of slow aimed shots and fast action shots to test accuracy and the use of lenses. At the same time, it was subjected to switching between magnifiers. The Aimpoint Pro was also put in the backseat of a car driven during a hot day and put in a freezer to test the temperature claims. Finally, it was dunked in a bucket of water to check for water resistance.

Aimpoint Pro Review

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic or Aimpoint PRO is a scope especially made with police officers and tactical shooters in mind. It promises to have great technology that is great for the taking out to the field. Check out the specifications and quick user review to know if the Aimpoint Pro is worth all the buzz.

Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic Review

As we all know high quality optics aren’t necessary for every weapon, nor are they needed by every operator. Optics improve certain weapons a lot when they are used extensively. Winchester lever action weapons can just work with their plain old iron sights for instance, while weapons like the AR15/M16 simply beg for a good optics device to sit on them. Just looking good with an accessory like optic devices can happen with just any cheap thing you can buy anywhere for a few dozen dollars. To be sure you actually have the optics device that will turn your AR15 into the best weapon it can be you should rely on a name like Aimpoint. Read More

Bullet Points – May 23

Bullet Points – May 23
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Magpul AFG Review

Magpul AFGWhen you are buying stocks, grips and any major accessory that affects the operator’s comfort, you know that nothing will be universally liked. There is no perfect solution for everyone, but there certainly are some more popular or widely used options out there. Still, you might feel best with accessories that most would not look at. Read More


Mounting a scope

Mounting a scope is not as easy as it may seem, it actually requires a lot of practice as well as patience to install a scope mount accurately. Actually the accuracy or otherwise of a shot fired from a gun will depend as much on proper scope mount as it would on individual skill and accuracy of the shooter. The scope ring should be properly fitted on the rifle for further alignment of the scope and the best way to ensure the scope is properly aligned is to try and become self reliant instead of depending on experts that would very much what you could also do with a little bit common sense and loads of patience.

To ensure that your effort does not go vain for want of an accurate gun, choose one you are very familiar with and have ample confidence about its accuracy. The first step for readjustment and remounting a scope would be to remove the scope mount and the scope rings. The next step is rather crucial as it involves zeroing in on the rifle scope. This is a time consuming process and might test your patience to the full but you need to be very meticulous at this stage.

You need V Blocks to properly zero a rifle scope but if you just cannot find them near at hand you can make do with some cardboard cut in a manner that allows you to hold the rifle scope and together with the makeshift blocks align it with some target, preferably a pole situated at least 60 yards away. It would be infinitely better for you as well as your rifle if such alignment is not done with a target only 25 yards away as there are big chances of not achieving proper alignment due to parallax. One should repeat the process of zeroing for both vertical as well horizontal crosshairs to complete the process.

There is one word of advice here.

Though brand new rifle scopes are expected to be zeroed before they leave the factory, it would always be better to check it once to be absolutely sure and try to fix the target as far away as possible as the distant the target the better would be zeroing.

The next step is to fit the zeroed scope into the scope ring and look along the barrel towards the 60 yards target. There is always a possibility that rifle scope would be pointing either right or left of where the bore is as this is a most common error observed in most guns. This is not a serious error as it happens mostly because of slight misalignment of the base with the bore of the gun. Actually, all long time shooters would vouch that rifles bores are rarely, if ever, perfectly centered with respect to the barrel.

The solution to this apparently intractable problem is embarrassing simple. One has to just turn the front and rear scope rings to the right and left as required till barrel and crosshair are aligned with the 60 yards target.

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