New Hampshire: House Passes Shurtleff Criminal Protection Bill

New Hampshire: House Passes Shurtleff Criminal Protection Bill
Today, the state House of Representatives undermined your inherent right to self-defense by passing House Bill 135 by a 189-184 vote.  Introduced by state Representative Stephen Shurtleff (D- Merrimack 11), HB 135 will render law-abiding citizens defenseless victims by removing consequences for criminal activity.

Mayor Bloomberg’s irresponsible gun attack ads
Mike Bloomberg is spending $12 million on attack ads designed to force U.S. senators to vote for national gun control laws that will supposedly save lives. However, the New York mayor’s commercials running in 13 states over the next two weeks could cause injury or death by showcasing irresponsible handling of a firearm. Mr. Bloomberg’s organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, produced two ads featuring a man holding a shotgun, wearing plaid flannel with a camouflage cap and sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck. While a child swings on a tire in the background, the man says, “I support comprehensive background checks so criminals and the dangerously mentally ill can’t buy guns.” The ad does not specify if the man is an actor, but the text accompanying it says he is a “gun owner.”  Either way, the man violates all three gun safety rules taught by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Kansas: Senate to vote on expanding respect for Right-to-Carry
A bill that would expand the number of public buildings in Kansas where concealed weapons are allowed and let public school and college employees carry concealed firearms won first round approval Tuesday night in the state Senate.

Idaho Senate Unanimously Approves Pro-Gun Reform
Today the Idaho Senate voted unanimously to pass House Bill 192, an important Right to Carry improvement bill.  Introduced by the House State Affairs Committee and cosponsored by state Representative Joe Palmer (R-20), HB 192 would create an enhanced concealed carry license option for those applicants who choose to undergo additional training for more carry benefits.  If enacted, HB 192 would also create more opportunities for reciprocity with other states.  HB 192 already passed in the state House unanimously last month.

Missouri: Senate endorses amendment to bolster gun rights
The Missouri Senate has given first round approval to a proposed constitutional amendment bolstering certain gun rights after a Democratic state senator blocked a vote for several hours.

Arizona: Pro-Gun Bill Doomed Unless Your State Senator Hears from You Today
A pro-gun bill that would prohibit government-sponsored destruction of seized or surrendered firearms is on the way to the Arizona State Senate floor and needs your help.  House Bill 2455, introduced by state Representative Brenda Barton (R-6), would require any firearms forfeited to or confiscated by a law enforcement agency to be sold to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder in exchange for money, new equipment or ammunition. 

Bloomberg’s reckless ad
New York City Nanny, er, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is bankrolling a $12 million television ad campaign to lobby senators in key states, Pennsylvania included, to vote for new gun control legislation, specifically universal background checks.But a dangerous thing happened on the way to a TV screen near you.In one of the ads, a supposed common guy outfitted in a flannel shirt, seated on the tailgate of a pickup truck and touting “responsible” gun ownership, violates three fundamental rules of safe gun handling.

West Virginia: House Committee to Consider Critical Pro-Gun Reform Tomorrow
Tomorrow, the West Virginia House Judiciary Committee will consider House Bill 2431, sponsored by Delegate Rupie Phillips (D-24).  HB 2431 would amend the application process for a Concealed Pistol/Revolver Permit, making West Virginia permit holders eligible for exemption from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  

Statement from National Rifle Association Regarding Newtown Killer
There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association. Reporting to the contrary is reckless, false and defamatory.

Tapco AR-15 T6 Stock Body: MSP Scope Mounts

Tapco AR-15 T6 Stock Body: MSP Scope Mounts
Tapco AR-15 Accessories Another Precision and Tactical Accessory from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Gun Accessories and Scope Mounts & Rings. Products for shooters …

MAGPUL UBR Collapsible AR-15 Stock: MSP Scope Mounts
UBRCollapsible Buttstock. The Magpul UBR (Utility / Battle Rifle), U.S. Patent 6651371, is a fully-featured, adjustable butt stock for the AR15/M16.

Magpul PRS AR15/M16 (5.56N) Rifle Stock: MSP Scope Mounts
Precision and Tactical : Magpul PRS AR15/M16 (5.56N) Rifle Stock from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Firearm Accessories and Shooters Supply. Products for shooters …

Military airspace to be opened up for commercial flights
Flights will soon take straight routes from Chennai to Mumbai,Delhi and Kolkata and save time and fuel as pilots will not have to take detours to avoid military airspace. The aviation and defence ministries have approved flexible use of military …

Military Tuition Assistance Restored By Pentagon
WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Wednesday restored its popular tuition assistance program after suspending it due to sequestration’s budget cuts. The move came after Congress approved legislation last week requiring the Defense Department to do so.

Who should I have re-build a 1919A4?
Its a sideplate gun, Ugly oh fuck ya. Whoever put it togather smashed and even bent over rivets. The…

Balancing needs of women, ultra-Orthodox men in Israel’s military
TEL AVIV — Israel’s highest-ranking female soldier says efforts to draft male ultra-Orthodox students into the Israel Defense Forces should not come at the expense of women’s advancement in the army. Last year, the nation’s Supreme Court …

Leather Holsters

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