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Magpul AFGWhen you are buying stocks, grips and any major accessory that affects the operator’s comfort, you know that nothing will be universally liked. There is no perfect solution for everyone, but there certainly are some more popular or widely used options out there. Still, you might feel best with accessories that most would not look at. Read More


Mounting a scope

Mounting a scope is not as easy as it may seem, it actually requires a lot of practice as well as patience to install a scope mount accurately. Actually the accuracy or otherwise of a shot fired from a gun will depend as much on proper scope mount as it would on individual skill and accuracy of the shooter. The scope ring should be properly fitted on the rifle for further alignment of the scope and the best way to ensure the scope is properly aligned is to try and become self reliant instead of depending on experts that would very much what you could also do with a little bit common sense and loads of patience.

To ensure that your effort does not go vain for want of an accurate gun, choose one you are very familiar with and have ample confidence about its accuracy. The first step for readjustment and remounting a scope would be to remove the scope mount and the scope rings. The next step is rather crucial as it involves zeroing in on the rifle scope. This is a time consuming process and might test your patience to the full but you need to be very meticulous at this stage.

You need V Blocks to properly zero a rifle scope but if you just cannot find them near at hand you can make do with some cardboard cut in a manner that allows you to hold the rifle scope and together with the makeshift blocks align it with some target, preferably a pole situated at least 60 yards away. It would be infinitely better for you as well as your rifle if such alignment is not done with a target only 25 yards away as there are big chances of not achieving proper alignment due to parallax. One should repeat the process of zeroing for both vertical as well horizontal crosshairs to complete the process.

There is one word of advice here.

Though brand new rifle scopes are expected to be zeroed before they leave the factory, it would always be better to check it once to be absolutely sure and try to fix the target as far away as possible as the distant the target the better would be zeroing.

The next step is to fit the zeroed scope into the scope ring and look along the barrel towards the 60 yards target. There is always a possibility that rifle scope would be pointing either right or left of where the bore is as this is a most common error observed in most guns. This is not a serious error as it happens mostly because of slight misalignment of the base with the bore of the gun. Actually, all long time shooters would vouch that rifles bores are rarely, if ever, perfectly centered with respect to the barrel.

The solution to this apparently intractable problem is embarrassing simple. One has to just turn the front and rear scope rings to the right and left as required till barrel and crosshair are aligned with the 60 yards target.

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How to Mount a Rifle Scope?

Scopes are the magnifying devices mounted on top of the rifle for better accuracy of shooting. People find it difficult mounting rifle scopes, but a few simple steps can make it pretty easy.

  • Selecting the right scope: It is very important to select the right scope for your rifle. A rifle can attain a particular distance and the scope should not magnify beyond that distance. You will not be able to calculate the distance correctly. It is always better to go through the technical manual given with the rifle.
  • Mounting equipment is important: Rifle scopes are supplied with suitable mounting equipment. It consists of rings and base plates. They are according to the specifications of the rifle e.g. scope tube diameter and front objective. It can’t be interchanged with other models.

The mounting process

As the first step, you must ensure the safety. Make sure that the rifle is not loaded. Keep the fingers away from the trigger. Place the gun in a gun vice while you fix the scope on it. In case vice is not available, then use sand bags to place it safely.

  • You are required to remove the plug screws before placing the base. Clean the area using good quality degreaser and apply rust inhibitor. This would keep the screws rust free and you will be able to open them easily next time.
  • Place the base plate following the instructions from the instruction manual. It is important to read the instructions carefully as the instructions vary with the models. Check that the mount is placed correctly before tightening it completely. Some people prefer applying thread locking compound to prevent unscrewing it in the future.
  • Attach the rear and front scope rings according to the instructions. Alignment bars are given along with a few models. Place the rings on the alignment bars and move until they reach to the middle point. Align the points on the bars horizontally and vertically. In the models where alignment bar is not supplied, windage screw is used.
  • Tighten the screws properly with the base plate after reading the torque specification.
  • Remove the ring caps and place them together without changing the order, otherwise it will change the precision. Fix the scope in the rings. Make sure that the elevation turret is upwards and the windage turret is at the right hand side of the gun.
  • Use the level to correct the alignment of the scope. Check the level from the front, top and left side. Ensure that the crosshairs are leveled precisely.
  • Check the view through the eye piece. Determine the field of vision. Full field of view should be visible to you without moving the head. Check the scope and slide it back and forth until you establish correct field of vision.
  • Tighten the scope rings by fastening all the screws in a round-robin manner. Fastening a single screw completely may damage the riflescopes.

Mounting rifle scopes requires concentration and dedicated efforts. Correctly mounted riflescopes give fabulous accuracy!

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