AimPoint PRO The Rifle of Professional Shooters

Wouldn’t you like to have a rifle especially designed together with law enforcement professionals and with a price for their officers’ budget? Within 50 yards accuracy and 2 minute of angle red dot for accurate target engagement at all distances, AimPoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is the dream gun of any shooter gone in a dangerous mission.
Turn on the battery and forget about it

Maybe the most intriguing feature of AimPoint PRO is its 3 years battery life, meaning you can turn it on and leave it like that, so your rifle is always ready for action. And you can check the date periodically to know when the 3V Lithium battery must be replaced, but don’t worry too much about it, it’s about every 30,000 hours.

Optimal vision in the night
You can easily switch its power knob through six levels of dot brightness as the rifle provides several regular and night vision brightness options and high quality reflex sights with unlimited eye relief for hunters. The regular brightness settings cover a wide spectrum, allowing a bright dot during the day and a dim dot at night. It is also interesting to know that the adjustment cap retainer straps so you can’t lose your pieces.

The front lens and the front glass are multi coated including band pass coating for optimal night vision devices it may be used with AimPoint 3X Magnifier and AimPoint Concealed Engagement unit as most police work takes place after sunset.

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