AR-15 Accessories

When the “grenade ring” is installed correctly it covers the lock washer (GAU-5/A/A and XM177E2 only): Bird cage flash suppressor used on the 653: A2 flash suppressor used on the 700 and 900 series: Early lock washer on left, as used on the 600 series. Middle is the A2 peel washers used to time the A2 flash suppressor to TDC on the 700 series, and early AR-15 Accessories/A1′s. Right is the current crush washer used on the AR-15 Accessories/A1 starting in 2000: M VP marking found on the 607 (photo by Ordnance): GAU-5/A/XM177E1 barrel marked MP on right side of the barrel (photo by ranchhand): We only have one GAU-5/A/XM177E1 example and it has the following numbers stamped on it (photos by ranchhand): GAU-5/A/A/XM177E2 barrel marked C MP C. C meaning Colt, M meaning Magnetic particle inspected, P standing for Proofed, and the C marking indicates a chrome chamber. Early 653 barrels were marked C MP B, the B meaning chrome Bore, and they were 1/12.:

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